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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Laguna Quays Respite - new oven / stove - saw it on line at Harvey Norman and we visited them at Cannonvale on Tues.We go it for $495 - which was $150 less plus free delivery for tomorrow (Frid). Our electrician who looks after the mission cottage is coming early Frid morning to pull out the old oven for the truck to take away.
You may recall our last visit Rod the electrician had to put a chain on the old oven door as the hinges at the bottom were non functioning, and then the grill door would not fit. We weighed up all our options - this visit a new one.
Welcome your love giftings (tax deductble) to help meet this cost. We have mission people coming in on 24 Aug for 2 weeks, that is the day after we leave. Busy!


Tuesday, August 06, 2019


2013 the first Basil Sellers Awards young writers conf in Melb. Now 2019 we're back in Melb, 7 years later (I counted them on my fingers). At that inaugural 2013 occasion we had 5 young writers from New Zealand. On Sat 10 Aug we will have 7 Kiwis attending. The 2013 photo also illustrates the nature of the young writer program - the only person still with us is Jeremy Dover who is now a senior writer and a sport writer. He has three Waverely Christian College 'writing competition' winners attending the conf on Saturday as future young writers. Incredible.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Thankyou - Timeout in the Tweed - front gutter being replaced tomorrow or early next week. The photo illustrates both ends of the gutter with rust holes along its house front. About 7 weeks ago I made an appeal for funding. Thankyou - plumber quoted the replacement 3 weeks ago and is now set time aside.

Delma is particularly pleased - and last Tues morning at Cuppa & Chat where Delma gives a prayer for each lady, has a hymn and a Bible talk (our church, Living Temple - what was Tugun Bapt). Afterwards Delma gave a bug to the lady who lost her sister last week, then a hug to an elderly single lady, then each of the other ladies in turn. (I too get lovely Delma hugs  - 42 years).    

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Best Article Awards - 2018 Auckland's Manuele Teofilo 'Best Article' with conf MC Russell Modlin. Manuele has Cystic Fibrosis and Delma marvels that the young writer program engages those with diabilities. Manuele is social media coordinator at the Elevate Christian Disability Trust. Manuele is one cool dude. He'll again be at the conf 10 Aug, Melb. with his carer, mum.
Best Articles are a highlight of the annual awards as the Panellists' marks determine each young writer's best article. This is always of much interest as each young writer likes to be know which of their 2019 articles the Panellists consdiered as their 'best article'.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Capt. Peter Brookshaw Craigieburn Salvation Army is hosting the 2019 young writers conference / together with One Day in Melbourne on Sat 10 August - 2 days short of 3 weeks away. This 2019 conf sees the young writers with the One Day in Melbourne delegates in the morning plenaries, then after lunch the young writers meet separately on subjects such as videos placed in articles, the value of the PSI CV's and mutual respect.
photo - Peter is being presented the winner - Australian Over 31s Basil Sellers Award 2018 (last year) in Christchurch by Russell Modlin. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Laguna Quays Respite - clothes line - anyone who has watched 'Australian Inventions' will be aware that this style of clothes line was an invention by an Australian. In the late fifties my late father Seymour Tronson in Mackay Qld built one of these out of timber - us kids were told not to run through the clothes - of course I did, and bang ... (dad joke coming up - some people think I still haven't recovered).
We're in the process of trying to ascertain how two of these arms were damaged  -  more maintenance costs. A neighbour took the photo.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019


Rev Dr John Yates a senior writer from Perth and a Panellist for the Aust Over 31s for the annual Awards.
And John Grocott the Over 31s - the statistician for the Aust / NZ / Internationals.
Last Friday John Yates was in Brisbane and drove to Tweed Heads for lunch with Mark T. John Yates was visiting his son Dr Nathanael Yates a former young writer now a professor at Qld Uni and the grand-children. 
In 2014 Nathanael and Clarissa Yates were billeted by the Grocott's for the young writers conference at Tweed Heads that year.