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Tuesday, December 04, 2018


Delma in her Christmas outfit that all 12 members of the Elanora Ukulele Players wear in the nursing home presentations - it has been a busy December with three presentations this week and more to come over the next two weeks leading up to Christmas.

In addition Delma has all her other ministry engagements - Mark says he needs to make an appointment to see Delma during the 'hours of daylight'. Auslan is at night on Mondays and some Thursdays Delma is out, like tonight. Mark says he is pleased for Delma with so many outlets for her ministry passion to Salvation to the Lord Jesus.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Mark's last tour as the Australian cricket team chaplain in March 2000 to New Zealand. This photo was taken in Hamilton with Justin Langer, who is now, 18 years later the Australian cricket team coach. Tomorrow Frid 30 Nov after 18 years is the "final" Life After Cricket bi-annual Retired Australian Cricketers Newsletter which is distributed to the cricketers by the States. An end of an era, 17 years as team chaplain, now 18 years further on. Life After Cricket was initiated when Rev Barrie Sutton and I met with the ACB and then later Tim May CEO of the cricketers association in Nov 2000. The Salvation Army's David Goodwin the former WarCry editor is becoming the link person to cricketer respite. David is one of our 5 sport writers and a cricket tragic.   

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


How young they are - 4 of the Sunshine Coast young writers who attended the dinner last Saturday evening while alarming storm warnings were sent thru the air waves as it teemed down. Along with them senior writer leaders Russell Modlin and Rebecca Moore attended and we met Colin and Ruth Miles the parents of Laura and Lucy - two of the Sunshine Coast young writers.
Delighted that we two new Aust Over 31's Panellists, Margaret Pearce (Calen-Midge Point) and Colin Miles (above).   
photo - Lucy Miles, Rochelle Ross, Cartia Moore, Jesse Moore.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Laguna Quays Respite - back fence Poinciana - beginning to bloom showing both the flower and the green blooms. A very full and lovely two weeks at the respite cottage. We enjoyed numerous meals with various local folks, the gutter replaced, mission gatherings, art morning tea and art viewing ....  the 2019 July art prize will become an art exhibition.  
We leave tomorrow morning (Friday) for Brisbane and then the Sunshine Coast for their young writer Sat 17 Nov pizza dinner hosted by Tony and Rebecca Moore.  

Wednesday, November 07, 2018


Midge Point Arts community morning tea at Jill and Hans place today. Next Wed 10.00am is an art viewing at Laguna Quays Respite of the hanging art purchased at the 2018 Midge Point Basil Sellers Art Prize. Then to the Sealands Cafe for a cuppa.
2019 there is a small change - rather than an art prize, an art exhibition to sell the art works at the Tavern the same time as this year, end of July for 2 weeks at the Midge Point Tavern.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Photo - 6 Jan 2012 - SCG Cricket - courtesy Box for my 60th birthday for 20 mission guests.
Closest - Lindsay & Jan Archilbald, Sydney. Jan has agreed to be a 2019 Over 31s Panellist. Jan's late mum Peg Rothwell was one of our 5 foundational praying ladies. Their son Chris won the 2015 Most Improved young writer award, now after a fabulous 8 years moving on.
Next across  - Eric & Aylson Smith, Melbourne. Aylson was one of our early Panellists for the Aussie young writers. Delma is at the end.
Top  -  Sue Spencer, Midge Point (husband Sean is a 2019 Panellist for the international young writers). Bev Clifford, Sydney (husband Ross is a senior writer, Principal of Morling College). The late Ian Carlson Tweed Heads and his son Tim. Ian had lymphoma and became my driver to the AIS Cricket in Brisbane - passionate junior coach.    

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


NZ Panellists Christina Tyson and Liz Hay at the 2014 Kiwi young writer conference in Wellington NZ. Christina Tyson has returned as a NZ Panellist after a year's absence taking up a superintendency role with the NZ Salvation Army - from the NZ Sallies media head. With Sophia Sinclair moving on, Christina is pleased to be back as a NZ Panellist. Christina was a foundation Kiwi young writer panellist and chair of the 2017 Awards Commission for the young writer program.
Liz Hay is likewise a foundation Kiwi panellist, a NZ senior writer, a retired professional editor - husband Ron is a ret Anglican minister. They enjoyed a visit to Laguna Quays Respite on the Whitsundays two years ago.