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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Josh Robbie is my consultant for the international young writers. He filled this role when Charis Jackson moved on at the end of last year. Josh is an Over 31s international young writer (Week 5), he the photo selector for the international 18-30 young writers (Week 1), he recommended Cystelda Naidoo as the new coordinator for the international young writers (18-30).
Josh was serving as a school chaplain in South Africa, he is back in Australia fixing his South Africa visa, his wife Renee is South African (both attended Christchurch conf last Sept), her dad is a Pastor in South Africa as is Crysteld's father (her mum died suddenly a few months back). Josh is 3rd generation house painter and lay preacher, and is right now in Tasmania with his brother - house panting business. (Josh grew up in the Tweed Heads area).

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Will and Margaret Pearce over the next 7 weeks repainting Laguna Quays Respite for 'a consideration' with the paint being a major expense. Will and Margaret are Laguna Quays Respite supporters - step railings back and front, yellow lines around all the concrete including the entertainment area, Margaret is an Over 31s Aust Panellist, a retired school teacher. Last year they painted their own place, one room at a time. Your precious and gracious $ love gifts for these costs to spruce it up for mission visitors please.
photo - Will is a fix-it-man and Delma gave them her old sewing machine - needs a spindle and other exotic malfunctions. Once fixed Margaret has it lined up for a grand daughter who loves sewing with grand-ma.   

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Laguna Quays Respite  -  Delma reading the young writers articles in her office (2nd bedroom) as is her custom each day. The entertainment area is viewed as is the adjoining land at the rear - Laguna Quays Resort land. This morning Delma was at the craft group in Bloomsbury, this afternoon 1.00pm was a bible study group opposite at Will and Margaret's place, tomorrow morning 8.30am Inas Jackson visiting for the 17 Aug Basil Sellers Midge Point Art Exhibition. Then the National Day of Prayer at the local Midge Point cafe. It seems, no rest for the .......  

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

E-BLAST - THURS 28 FEB - 2019

Mr Basil Sellers AM officially opened the new Moruya art and cultural centre ('The Baz') and announced the 2019 $20,000 Basil Sellers Art Prize -  encompasses rural and regional NSW / ACT. There were 28 finalists. Mark initiated this Moruya art prize way back in 2004 and the Basil Sellers Art Centre opened in 2003 is now an "artist's in residence". See Mark's article published yesterday

Photo  -  Basil Sellers and Mark with his astonishing coffee table book on the full size 'sport identity' sculptures at major sports arenas around Australia

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Sewing machine in bag for Laguna Quays Respite  -  
Delma spied this heavily discounted 'on-special' sewing machine as the sewing machine we've had up there for many years - a broken spindle and other sad-and-sorry aliments. The question was would it fit into Mark's bag to take up on Frid 1 March (next week) on the flight. Yes it does, but not much room left for the 'unmentionables' ....  by the way - the same reason Mark claims over 42 years he was never permitted to hang out the clothes ...   (yes, Mark can be funny) !

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Delma and Mark -  42 anniversary dinner on Tues 12 Feb at Tweed Heads Chinese with friends Bill and Narelle 54 years. 2019 also celebrates our 42 years in Christian ministry and 42 years of faith finance ministry. How do I say this without sounding corny  -  our faith finance giving needs some uplifting with such remarkable ongoing ministries.   
Tues morning Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce Breakfast gave Delma and me a hearty handclap and cheer. 

Tuesday, February 05, 2019


Midge Point - Laguna Quays (Whitsundays) -  highest regional rain fall a number of days this week 500mm. Bruce Highway flooded, roads in and out of Midge Point flooded.
Laguna Quays Respite cottage (beach house) is well up off the ground - see photo - all good. Fortunately there was no King high tide at Midge Point Beach which usually sees the water flow into some of the streets and low lying houses. We arrive in 3 weeks, Frid 1 March.